True Family

After writing my book I was in fear of constant bad feedback from family.  Yesterday, my aunt, which is my mother’s sister contacted me and said she had read my book.  She said she didn’t know I had gone through all of that and was so sorry.  She also said she didn’t understand why my mother didn’t see through my stepfather.  I told her, it was because my mother benefits from having something over his head, you see my mother gets material things when she holds things over my stepfather’s head, she gets a little redecorating for her house, a car, jewelry and things like that.  Oh, she would deny it of course if you ask her, but proof is in the pudding so to speak, you see, because we all, meaning myself, my husband, and my daughters have stood up to her, she has disowned all of us.  I can understand me, because I don’t want her in my life because she is still married to my abuser, but my poor kids.  They just told her that they don’t want to go to her house, because of her husband, she won’t have it any way but her way, so she acts as though they never existed.  Greed and selfishness, true family is not just a title, it’s standing beside those family members that are in the right, even if it hurts.  Mom, if you ever see this, it’s very unfortunate that you choose him over you grandchildren, considering they will be here when he isn’t.  It will be a long lonely life in your older years and you’re not getting any older.  I’m not angry with you, I pitty you, and I pray for your eyes to be opened.


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