You have heard the term pick your battles and to me that is true.  There are battles to try to win and then there are battles to just let go.  Whatever battle life throws you way, we are in the battle between good and evil period.  If you could pull back the veil and see what is in battle for our very souls you would cringe.  We are tempted to harm ourselves, through worldly things, some are from psychological damage.  What are you doing with your trauma? Allowing Satan to destroy you or fighting him.  If you believe there is a God, one true God, not just some idol, then you must believe in satan.  Satan is here to fool you, the bible says he is here to steal, kill, and destroy.  One way to fool you is to lure you into a false religion.  Denominations or whatever are not what the gospel is about, the gospel is Jesus Christ and what he did for you on the cross.  Anything other than that is false.  A false sense of security, is a way to get you into a corner and trap you for the rest of your life.  Only one can love you the way you should be loved, the Alpha, Omega, beginning and end.  The maker of the universe The Father of Jesus Christ.  My Father.

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