Dreams or nightmares

Sometimes as abuse victims, it seems we just can’t get away from our abuser even when we have separated ourselves from them.  Last night I had a dream, no, a nightmare.  I was sitting on bleachers somewhere for some reason with my family, and somehow I wound up sitting right beside my stepfather (aka) abuser.  I dreamed he was pointing his finger at me and telling everyone I had made him look like a bad guy for no reason, that I lied.  My mother, was agreeing with him, (even though in real life, it was all admitted to).  I remember making one last plea in this dream, that if my mom would leave him, I would try to mend fences with her, if she would see a counselor, in the dream she refused just like in real life.  In the dream I was devastated.  In real time, I am still hurt and feel like she is out there and I just can’t get to her.  Normally, I am really positive, but this dream really had a lasting impression.  Do you feel this way?  Do dreams or nightmares plague you?  If so I know how you feel, sometimes it feels as if you just can’t get away from your abuser, even in your sleep.


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