Wishing and hoping

It’s Friday and for most people that means a break and looking forward to the weekend, that usually also even means me, although I work at home.  Today, no words of wisdom, no trying to make light of situations, I miss my mom.  I miss what I thought she was.  Most people have someone older than them, of the same gender, that they look up to for wisdom, to confide in.  I have no one.  I have my God, my Father, but sometimes we need someone with skin on.  I feel alone, an orphan.  Most days I can get past this, today I’m having trouble.  I remembered last night while I was watching a movie that, before I broke ties with my mother, I didn’t get my wedding dress from her, or my real daddy’s things from her.  I can’t call her, that hit home.  I can’t call her, I have my grandma on my real daddy’s side, but she is old and she worries.  I am praying for that wise woman to come into my life and lend her shoulder to cry on.  I know God is faithful and he say ask and ye shall receive, so right now God, I need that comfort, I am praying that you send her soon.

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