Fear In Churches

I find it very confusing that churches want to tackle, drugs, alcohol, sex addiction, all in a general subject fashion, like AA, but they never want to tackle sexual abuse and the effects of sexual abuse.  I have tried to speak in churches and have groups in churches, they don’t want to tackle it because of fear.  If you want to help people, then you want to help every aspect of a person’s life, dirt and all.  Sexual abuse is something that is done to a person, not a horrible detestable sin.  A person cannot trust God if they haven’t been able to deal with the issue that caused the distrust.  If you claim to want to help God in telling the world about Jesus, then you must be willing to dive into their issues.  That’s the reason I believe in my heart that God wanted me to write this book, because no one seems to want me to tell my story, in person. I pray that changes, people need to know they’re not alone.


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