Two days ago, my maternal grandmother died .  Because of my mother’s choice to stay with my stepfather, I can’t go to the funeral.  I of course, after the last incident with my stepfather in July, obtained a protective order against my stepfather, which, means I also have to stay away from him.  He will of course be with my mother, and that keeps me from saying goodbye to my grandmother.  I wasn’t close to her, but it is very tragic that my mother chose the path she has, it keeps us all apart.  I have been saddened and a little depressed these last couple of days because of the death and the separation I am experiencing.  I have made a decision, that if any of my cousins or any other family members ask me why I wasn’t there, I will be telling them the truth.  I will not be the bad guy any longer, my mother chose this, so she must lay in the bed she made for herself. It’s tragic, but the truth shall set me free.


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