Same old story

As more and more of my many different family members, (as I find out), read my book, about the truth in my life, the more I find that a lot of them want to blame me or think I wrote the book for vengeance.  Why would I do that at the age of 44?  No, my friend, I have come to realize to survive this trauma, means you survive to help others.  No matter how ugly the truth is, it is still the truth, my truth, my life and my story.  The ones that get upset, had no part in my healing, nor did they even have any part in my life.  No phone calls, no visits, I didn’t exist until now.  Now they show emotion about something they knew and know nothing about.  Selfish, people are selfish, which is why I choose not to be like them.  I gave my story to the public with the intention of letting those poor souls that have been through this, that someone knows and someone cares.  I also had to tell them that there is a God that doesn’t cause bad things to happen to them, the people in this world that choose a life without him cause the pain. I will keep telling my story, and telling about the wonderful things God accomplishes in my life, because of following Him.


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