I was thinking today about my life and the people that used to be in it as apposed to the people in it now.  After the people that used to be in my life, read my book, they judge, they don’t care about what happened to me or who caused it and take the side of the one that caused the problem.  The people that stay in my life and are in my life now, stand up for me, love me and they are my protectors.  I guess my point is, isn’t that what is wrong with the world today, we complain about what’s wrong with the kids in the world and the horrible things they do, shooting up schools, drugs, drinking, sex and disrespect, but have we ever thought of what they cause of that is?  Complacency, some people know what’s going on in a child’s life and ignore it, do nothing at all.  They stand by and wait to see if the child turns out ok, when maybe they could have had a hand in making that child’s life better.  If you know of a wrong being done, and it’s going to have long term affects, do something, be their knight in shining armor.  Then tell them of the one that can be a true Father to them, God.  If only someone would have helped me, now, they want to judge me, or they want to pretend that I’m being judgmental by standing up for what is right.  Wake up my friend, the truth is the truth, and if you would look at the past, you would see that you knew the truth all along. 


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