As I reflect on the meaning of Easter, I am compelled to exclaim, it’s not rabbits, eggs, and candy!!! Pain, I have not know pain compared to my God, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  My mother disowned me, (basically), Jesus’ people disowned him mocked him, ridiculed him and even worse.  As he laid his body on the that cross willingly, I say willingly, he endured pain physically, but that just wasn’t it, he was disowned by His own father, because of the sin laid on him, by us, but he did this willingly.  Depression, a black cloud, but a black cloud of hate and sin, laid on a perfect Savior, for me, for you.  Do you ignore it and make light of it.  I can’t, no one has done anything like that for me, but him, not even close.  Reject it, and reject it till your last dying breath, and live in an eternity of what he felt that day on that cross, but He didn’t stay there, he rose to tell everyone what he had done, and show us that even though he felt all of that hate and sin, he still loved us with all of his heart, and he defeated death, hell and the grave!!! AAAAMEEENNN!!  How is this in relation to my book or abuse, I haven’t endured anything compared to Jesus, so I know, with his help, I can defeat what man has done to me.


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