I have noticed in my life, that denial is a very powerful thing.  It can totally destroy you.  People have a tendency, because of stress, traumatic experiences, to make up their own reality to cope.  Then, when the real truth, that is brought to light, and (deep down they know it’s the truth), the one that has finally come out with the truth, is the liar.  Watch  yourself, face the truth and face it head on.  Find out facts, friends and family, before calling the person that has spoken out, the liar.  Especially if you really don’t truly know the person that is telling their story well, if you sit down and talk to them, some things, after you talk to them might make complete sense.  Sometimes even though a friend or family member has been in your life all of your life, doesn’t mean you truly know them, or they don’t have deep hidden secrets.  They can appear to be the saint of all time, but be the devil behind closed doors.  How do I know? I lived it.  The people that were supposed to be my protectors, put me in greatest harm.  Watch your children, and who you entrust them to, please.  Pay close attention, if they pay a little bit, too much attention to your child, just be observant.  Be the protector they need, and pray that God watches over them.


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