I have been taking care of issues today; civil issues,  an issue with a neighbor, a neighbor that  just seems to be intent on making themselves miserable.  Life is too short to be causing undo stress among the people you live in this world with.  Abuse, starvation, poverty, etc… Why cause issues for the sake of drama, because you choose to make your life a living hell.  Don’t make it that way for others around you.  Live this life as if there’s no tomorrow, treat your fellow man as God has told you to, love thy neighbor as thyself.  Your life will be peaceful and harmonious.  Look out for each other, but don’t let someone’s honor be disrespected either.  If a wrong has happened, do everything possible to make it right.  There are ways to handle issues that let people know that you won’t allow someone to be used and abused.  I’m amazed at the amount of people that just want to have a crappy life, to be blunt. 

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