My husband and I went grocery shopping today, when I got home I started thinking after, watching a video of the 911 tragedy.  In 2001, I was in the police academy, watching the horrible tragedy happen on the TV, they pulled us out of our Criminal Justice class to watch the broadcast; people were jumping from the highest point of that huge building.  All of the recruits, including me, watched in silence, holding back tears.  My kids were at home in IL, without me, while I was in Richmond, KY.  I was about to be a police officer and all I could think about was the men and women dying to try to save the people that were trapped or burning alive inside that building, and how that could very well have been me trying to save those people.  My kids,  oh how I loved them, they told us that if terrorists were to hit our country again, they could very well target police and fire stations, etc….    It was a hard time, and for those little children, wives, families, that lost their family, it’s still hard.  I am blessed, I am content, I have my husband, my kids, and my stepchildren.  I have food, health, shelter, and a sovereign God that loves me no matter what.  Yes, my friend, I am content.

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