Self Image

I used to have a good self image when I was young, really young.  Before I was sexually abused.  After that, I have and am always working on my self image.  My weight, my face, (wrinkles, make-up, and tan).  Do I act stupid, am I laughing too loud, do I try too hard, do they hate me, should I just stay at home?  I work out an hour at a time sometimes more.  Nothing is enough.  How do I get past this?  I am trying so hard, not to be too hard on myself but it is such a battle.  I pray daily, Lord please help me to understand that you paid the price for me, and that the person that hurt me is not a reflection on me, but a reflection on sin and bad people and bad decisions.  I love you Lord, and thank you for being the Daddy I needed.


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