If only

If only I could wipe my mother from the existence around me.  She haunts my present as I try to forget my past.  My daughters still want to have her in their life, which makes me wish she would move or well, whatever.  As long as my mother is in my life, so is he, even if it’s 3rd person.  It feels so unfair.  She stole my childhood by the choices she made.  She could have left him after so many times I told her about what was happening, because of my stepfather, but, she did nothing.  Everyone baby’s her.  She deserves to be alone, no grandchildren, and no great grandchildren.  She made her choice, she made her bed, now she should have to lay in it!!!!


Feeling for others

I have been just reflecting today on the many survivors that haven’t yet come to terms with what has happened to them.  I urge you if you’re young, go  to counseling now.  Even though you may think that it isn’t affecting you now, it may rear it’s ugly head later in life as it did me.  Young or old, do not pretend this didn’t happen to you, as a survivor you deserve a chance at a thriving life.  It won’t happen if you do not face that you were once a victim.  If you are still here, you are a survivor, but thriving as a survivor is a matter of choice.