Years just don’t matter

Every year I think that maybe one day I will wake up and everything bad that’s happened to me will just be wiped from my mind, yet I will have dreams and nightmares. Formerly, years ago, these dreams and nightmares would make me immobile, depressed and angry.  After my recovery and my understanding through Christ that I’m a survivor, I can make it through it. I wake up now and shake it off.  It’s hard sometimes to realize it was only a nightmare, but then I finally make it through it.

Amazing Artist with a message

Amazing Artist with a message

Just read it: We as survivors have good days, and bad days no matter how far you are in your recover. Never feel guilty if you have a bad day. It happens. Just don’t let yourself get so far down that you can’t get up. Call someone, message someone, email someone, etc….. We are here to help each other. I love you guys, and I’m here.