Good days, Bad days

Today, I think, is a bad day.  I’m so very tired.  Lately, I am having dreams, bad dreams.  They’re bad because I don’t want to have them.  Dreams of my past life, and things I wish I could do in real life.  Example:  I would love closure with my ex, tell him off and tell him what a mess he made of my life 11 years ago, and how he hurt my kids.  Dreams of how I tell my mother she is a selfish bitch, and is missing out on a real family.  Yes, I’m being very frank and candid.  I have to.  The more I express the better I feel.  Don’t hold back your feelings, because it will eat you up inside.  Now that I know I can express myself, I feel a weight lifted off of my heart and mind.  It is necessary to be honest about your feelings, even if you don’t have a blog, get a journal and fill those blank pages.  You WILL have good days and bad days.  The bad days you can turn into good days, if you put forth the effort.  Take the advise from an expert, that used to be nothing but negative.  Negativity and self pity will ruin your life!


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