So overwhelmed with love

I am so overwhelmed with the love I have for my granddaughter. She just seems so perfect. How could my mother, ignore her family to stay with a molester. Can anyone answer this question for me? It’s not that I ever expect her to, I know better. I just don’t understand that mind set. An innocent child, me, my daughters, my granddaughter. She gave them all up to stand behind a man that has no self respect or respect for others. I try to not be angry, I think I have dealt with it, then I see and innocent baby. How? How my dear, ignorant mother can you live with what you’ve decided and done. I am disgusted with you. You are a disgrace to the word, “Mother”. How dare you give all of us up for him. You are a disgrace to all mothers, and grandmothers, not to mention, a human being. I hope you have nightmare about what could have been, if you had made the right choices. You are ignorant and selfish, you will live a lonely life in solitude. Be afraid of your future, when he is gone, all of your true family will NOT be there for you. You chose your destiny. Live with it, and feel cheated, it was in your hands. You dropped the ball!!!! LOL


3 thoughts on “So overwhelmed with love

  1. The ache it must be to want to share such a great event with your mother but not be able to because of her choices and yours. Such a loss for you both.

  2. secretangel says:

    I am so sorry that you were unable to share such an exciting event with your mother. So many people make wrong decisions in their lives… and then live to regret them. Your mother will one day know her loss. But congratulations on your beautiful grandchild. God bless you!

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