Face to Face with your past

As you go through life, especially living in a small town, it’s a given that you will eventually come face to face with your past. Good or bad, your fault or the fault of someone else.
Sunday, at church, I came face to face with the people that helped throw me and my two girls, 11 years ago, out on the street. We had no where to live except my mother’s house, AKA, (stepfather/molester’s) house.
I was given a kind courtesy call first though, so I was prepared. The two people, my ex-mother and ex-father in law from my second marriage. They are the type of people that think they are above reproach and can intimidate anyone, if it serves their purpose. The can’t intimidate me. I hope, honestly, that they have changed. I hope they are able to see how wrong they were, 11 years ago, and maybe even apologize. So far, I see no remorse in either of them. As for me, I will be the bigger person, I refuse to sink to their level or mirror their behavior. It also doesn’t mean I have to chit chat, or have a conversation with them though. Forgiveness Not Permission!!!!! So J & J, I hope God convicts you of the way you treated two innocent little girls and the wife of your son in 2004!


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