My friend

My friend Jori Nunes wrote a book called Chocolate Flowers, that is fiction based on true life experiences, about the sexual abuse she endured as a child at the hands of her own biological mother to whom had serious mental illness. I was disappointed in the Dr. Phil show yesterday, as my friend, Jori was on it, trying to raise awareness on the subject of sexual abuse. Instead she was attacked by her own brother, that wasn’t even alive for most of the actual sexual abuse, he wasn’t even born yet. She was called a liar, and the show didn’t even cover the effects of childhood sexual abuse, which is what Jori wanted along with help for her and her siblings. Well, I wish that Dr. Phil’s producers had been more interested in raising awareness on childhood sexual abuse instead of ratings. Please Dr. Phil have another show, (if Jori would even appear on it now), and rectify this situation. I love you Jori and those of us who have the pleasure of knowing you, are honored to know you.

One thought on “My friend

  1. I too, watched the show in support of Jori and was horrified at the way he stacked the deck and treated her. Not to say that it surprises me though, I don’t find him to be the straight shooter that he claims he is. It’s like being re-traumatized all over again…

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