The special things in life

Yesterday I was able to hold my grand daughter and so was did my husband. My husband said, “This Saturday goes down in the record books as the best Saturday ever.” It made me think, yes, it’s the small little wonders in life that make life worth living. As I held her little fingers and kissed her little head, it made me feel so alive. I cannot dwell on my vast array of mistakes or my molestation any more. I can move on, try to raise awareness, but I am no longer angry about it, not that I quit wishing justice had been served, I just cannot stay in victim mode, because I’m not. I am a survivor that is flourishing. I wish that I had a mother, and I wish my real father were alive, I wish my mom would get help and there could be a new beginning, but there may never be that chance, so I don’t dwell in the what could be’s. I look at the good things in life, although simple, they make me smile on the inside and out.
My friend there is hope, you don’t have to be the constant victim, you do not have to dwell in what has happened to you. Get the help you need, you must for recovery, you won’t ever forget, this I know. You can live a full life though. Anger, hatred, and being vindictive will only hurt you. Do what you must to move on, you can be even better than what you were before, because, you survived and you are strong.


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