So different

I was telling my husband the other day, how much my personality has changed since I’ve gotten older, healed after the abuse, and broke ties with my mother.  I’m so much more patient, and enjoy the simple things.  Today, I got to baby sit my grand daughter, I fed her and we cuddled, (I fell asleep), LOL.  Dealing with your issues whether it be sexual abuse, domestic abuse, mental abuse etc…makes your life so much more enjoyable.  I was tired of fighting the demons so, I kicked them to the curb. Life is fun, even if I just stay home and blog, clean house, or spend time with my family.  If you don’t deal with the underlying issue, there is NO WAY to be happy.  Deal with it, don’t run from it.  Face it head on, there are reasons you’re unhappy, figure out why.  I am not afraid to grow old it means I survived.  God allowed me to live through all of the crap.  Cling to him if you know him, if you don’t maybe should get to know him.  He is pretty amazing, he made my granddaughter, and she seems perfect.  Look for the good don’t dwell on the bad.  That’s an order!!!!  🙂

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