Been a long time

It has been a long time since I have blogged, sorry for being MIA.  It has been a crazy summer, fall and now winter.  My daughter was so sick for a while, but thank the Lord above, she is doing better.  My youngest hasn’t had it easy either with her schooling and work load.  Life goes on, and even through the hardest times, there is always a ray of sunshine.

This Christmas was extra special because of my granddaughter, Isla.  It was relaxing and fun for all of us.  She was so cute opening her first presents.  She liked the tissue paper more than the toys.  

I am only able to enjoy Christmases, and any holiday because of counseling and medicine.  I used to stress so much, that I was irritable, mean, hateful, and also sad.  Now, I am relaxed, excited, and content.  What I am saying is, don’t think that you can recover from any childhood traumas on your own.  Go to counseling, go to a psychiatrist.  Don’t live your life in misery.  It’s not worth living a miserable life, because you have too much pride to let someone else help.  Trust me, you will cherish the happy times you will have once you start leaving your problems with someone else, and it needs to be a neutral professional.  That along with my faith in Jesus Christ has helped me in so many ways, that my attitude compared to, 1990 to the present, looks like a miracle.