To High Expectations

This may totally shock you. Guess what, your significant other is not perfect. That’s a big shocker I know, But when you enter in a permanent relationship
meaning you plan on staying with this person forever, you have got to understand that your life is not going to be like a romantic novel or movie. If you truly love that person you stick by their side through thick and thin no matter how annoying, or upset you get with each other.
That means they may not have the emotions you would like them to have, they may not view the world like you view it, and later on through the years you may discover that they don’t seem to be the same person you thought you fell in love with. They aren’t. They’ve been through the same toil, trials, and hurts that you have been through and that changes people. They may even discover things they didn’t know about themselves That cause them to change in many ways. This discovery does not mean that I don’t love you anymore, it just means they’ve grown in someway. In some ways they may have even gotten a little harder to deal with. If you love that person you stand beside them through their changes if you’ve been together long enough you know that things will straighten themselves out. Of course, there are exceptions such as: infidelity, abuse, or anything else that is life altering in a bad way.  I myself would never stand someone cheating on me or hitting me. That crosses the line.

In true relationships though your life is not going to be the same as it was when you first met each other. The butterflies have moved on, the sweaty palm’s are gone, if you’re old enough you may be even too tired to speak sometimes. 

Try to always persevere through those hard times. Those hard times is what eventually makes your relationship even better and closer because each of you know what you have endured to stay together.



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