Been a while

It has been almost a full year since I have written anything on here. My life has been a world wind of changes. Most for the better although very hard. My husband of 10 years abandoned me, which winds up being for the better because he was mentally and financially abusive. Yeah I know, big shocker. All I ever wanted in my life was a close knit family that would love each other through thick and thin no matter what. Yet, here, right now, I find myself sitting alone in my kitchen blogging about my life again. I had to get a protection order against him because I did not know what this man was capable of even though I had been with him for 10 years. I see people on the news, shooting each other, and hating each other for no real reason at all. It seems as though some people just try to make a point, and they are right no matter what anybody else says, (WHATEVER)! I just want peace, peace in my whole family, peace in my mind, and peace in my heart. The only real peace I can find is through Christ my Savior who is the only one that has never left me. If you’re reading this and you’re wondering who is this lady. Read the rest of my blogs, yes, I’ve been through hell, but, I’m still standing. Not by my own fruition, but by the grace of God. I don’t care who is in your family in what they’ve done, love them if they’re still there, because that means they’re willing to try through thick and thin. My main reason for writing this is to catch up and to tell you, STOP THE HATE AND INTOLERANCE! You do not know if you have tomorrow, so make the most of today please!

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