My Rebirth

Today used to be a sad day for me because I would remember all of the bad things that happened on Easter 2004. Easter 2004 I tried to end my life because I didn’t feel I deserved to live. But today as I wake up, I live, I breathe, I walk, praising Jesus my Savior for my second chance. I didn’t die that day in 2004, in fact two days later I excepted Christ as my savior, which means a whole new life, And that Jesus had a purpose for me.

I have had many trials since then, but God gave me the will to view them through different eyes. Jesus, my best friend, walks with me daily and takes care of me every step of the way. If you do not know him you’re missing out on the best part of life.

You can only take one minute, one hour, one day at a time. With Jesus by your side it makes life so much more calm. I am the living, breathing testament that Jesus Christ can save anyone from themselves!

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