Not coincidence

Yesterday I was a little down, sometimes you have those days.  I got home after going to a store that carries all natural beauty products and herbs.  I’m allergic to everything I think.  Some days, I wonder what my purpose is.  Does God still plan on using me, even though I don’t do much, and I sometimes question people and even Christianity?  When I got home, I got on Facebook to do my usual book promotions over the internet.  When I got on, I had already liked a page called, Lacey Sturm Rock Princess-Revelations.  Lacey is the former lead singer of Flyleaf, one of my favorite bands.  She has written a book called The Reason:  How I Discovered A Life Worth Living.  I had messaged this page to let them know, I had also written a book and I felt that Lacey and I had a lot in common.  I didn’t expect a response, but someone from the page, called, Josue, contacted me.  Amazing, I don’t know if he knows Lacey, but I gathered that he did, and he said he had forwarded my message to Lacey.  Long story short, God used Josue to let me know, God is still there, willing to use me to help others.  I don’t know if I’ll ever get to know Lacey, but she struggled with an obsession with death and thinking of suicide, as I also had most of my life.  I know that if we ever do get a chance to talk, we can help people together.  Suicide is no joke and it’s a permanent decision to a temporary state of mind.  People with a like cause can move mountains as long as a person puts their lives in the hands of an all knowing God.  If you don’t you will be walking in the dark.  Read my book Forgiveness Not Permission and Lacey’s book, you will truly see that God is there and he can bring you out of the big black cloud!!!!