Since my last post my daughters and I met with my mother. We had a very long talk with her giving her the choice to leave my molester in hopes of keeping all of the children safe that will be in our family and letting her know that her husband/Molester would never change and never had. As we know he had made a pass at me two years earlier. My daughter also revealed some things to her that she knew yet didn’t seem do you think they were pertinent. Things that were so obvious to us yet she chose to deny. The long story short is that she had to think about it, in other words we had told her it was him or us. After “thinking about it” she contacted me by texting me a day later telling me that love could not be bullied and that she had to stay with him and that she had felt we had always made our choice. My response was, that since she must not have texted my daughters that I would forward her decision and let them know that she had chosen him over us. I told her in the text that we had not made our decision until she had made hers. In conclusion we can see that is so hard for someone to realize that they are living with a total monster and are willing to lose the people that truly love them for money.IMG_0098.JPG

We gave her the chance