As I sat with my daughter at the hospital, I realized how short life can be. Take the time that you can with your loved ones, even if it’s in the hospital or doctor’s office. All turned out well with my daughter, a lot of prayers went up for her and they were answered. Life is precious, take advantage of every situation good or bad.Family are precious, remember that.


Forgiveness is for the person that has been wronged, for freedom to love.  It doesn’t require you to continue to put yourself in the position to be hurt over and over again.  you must confront your demons to be free.  Hiding and sweeping under the rug isn’t an option if you want recovery.  You’re strong, if you’ve made it this far, you will make it further.  Have faith, and be strong, do what you must to be free.


You have heard the term pick your battles and to me that is true.  There are battles to try to win and then there are battles to just let go.  Whatever battle life throws you way, we are in the battle between good and evil period.  If you could pull back the veil and see what is in battle for our very souls you would cringe.  We are tempted to harm ourselves, through worldly things, some are from psychological damage.  What are you doing with your trauma? Allowing Satan to destroy you or fighting him.  If you believe there is a God, one true God, not just some idol, then you must believe in satan.  Satan is here to fool you, the bible says he is here to steal, kill, and destroy.  One way to fool you is to lure you into a false religion.  Denominations or whatever are not what the gospel is about, the gospel is Jesus Christ and what he did for you on the cross.  Anything other than that is false.  A false sense of security, is a way to get you into a corner and trap you for the rest of your life.  Only one can love you the way you should be loved, the Alpha, Omega, beginning and end.  The maker of the universe The Father of Jesus Christ.  My Father.

THanks to God

As I’ve been sick the last couple of days, I am reflecting on how much God has done for me.  In the trials I learn just how blessed I am.  I don’t have cancer, I am able to run, laugh, joke and smile.  The things that some people cannot enjoy.  I am free. And I finally will allow someone to love me.  Only God could have taught me that, because I sure wasn’t shown the proper way to love.  Be thankful for what you have, what you have the ability to do, not what you don’t have or cannot accomplish.  God has gifted each one of us with our own personalities and traits, and talents.  Use them to help others and grow in wisdom.


Sometimes actions are so much better than words.  If you want someone to know that you love them, show them.  I was sick yesterday, and I really didn’t feel like fixing dinner, before I knew it, my husband had taken over and cooked dinner for me.  That was better than any rose or diamond ring to me.  Actions, are so much louder than words, if you’ve had a disfunctional family, you know exactly what I mean.


Lately, I have had constant dreams about my mother, and her truly loving me, that she has left my stepfather and tells me she loves me and made a mistake.  I miss be able to talk to her even though she is basically a toxic person.  The fact that I have no earthly mother or father makes me sad and makes me grieve.  It’s only natural to grieve for what should have been, allow yourself to grieve, cry, scream, and do anything possible to get through it.  Just don’t stay in that place.  I’m going to cry if I have to even if I’m alone when I’m crying. Chin  up.


So many times in my life I have focus on bad memories instead of some of the good ones that I have.  I actually have been able to remember day in my childhood, like riding horses at my Grandmother’s and dancing to 70’s music.  Laughing with my cousins.  There some good times even in the worst times in your life.  Find some good memories and focus on those.  Make some new good memories and keep truckn on.