Heavy Heart

When you go through so many difficulties, you hope any shred of positivity possible, for me, it’s in my kids.  Their prosperity is highly important and their happiness is imperative to you.  I see my children go through things that aren’t sexual abuse, they are grown and married, but I still can’t wait to hear energy and happiness in their voices, is something I hang on to.  When you get a call, and you hear the pain in their voices, you have the tendency to ask God, why? We’ve had enough trauma and heartache.  Help!  Lord today, help me hear the excitement in my child’s voice, help them get through this feeling of helplessness.  Help me be positive and strong, give me the faith I need to have an assurance in You.  God you are the only Daddy I’ve ever known, hold me and my children.

Not good with technnology and Forgetful

I have been extremely busy lately with my husband’s physical therapy and house renovation, but I have to let you all know, I am also so absent minded.  I should keep up with this daily, forgive me that I don’t, but then again, I also have a family that comes first.  I think thought daily about others that have been through what I have, and I honestly pray daily as I meet so many that go through so much by the selfish hand of others.  If I don’t reply to comments forgive me, I am not good with this site.  You are important, that why my FB page is very important as it is easy to access.  Like Forgiveness not permission’s page on FB.  my email is menaburt07@gmail.com.  I share a lot of important things and am trying to get and episode on BlogTalkRadio.  Hang with the very forgetful person. 🙂

Time to go again

Every month I go to Counseling.  At first I dread going, because I just don’t want to leave my house, then once i get there, the words pour out and before I know it, it’s time to go.  It’s then that I realize, I still have a ways to go.  Of course I know that I will forever have issues from the sexual abuse, that’s just a given.  I still have quirks, there are things that I can tell her, that I can’t tell anyone at all.  I mean no one.  So if you know me and you read this, don’t even ask, I won’t tell you.  I have been with my counselor, (The Same One), for over 10 years.  Even though it’s a professional relationship, she is like my family because I can trust her.  I don’t care what anyone says, if they have endured sexual abuse, or any abuse at all, they need counseling!  They owe it to themselves.  Even as I type this, I get nervous about going.  I don’t know why, I’m ok once I leave this house, but before, I have to breathe deep and try to calm down. That is second to a relationship with the one and only true God.  Please get the help you need, and if you have my email, get a hold of me.  And of course read my book Forgiveness Not Permission by Beth Kozine, available on Amazon.